Bay Area Housing Crisis


The Affordability Project’s inaugural non-profit housing development will be in San Francisco at 5250 3rd Street in Bayview Hunters Point. 70% of the 100 unit project will be affordable, below market rate rentals for nurses, teachers and other middle income professionals and families.

5250 3rd Information

All proceeds from project will be used to fund acquisition of additional non-profit BMR project
• Building will earn income for the 501c3
• Financing model will be a mix of:
• Conventional debt
• Low interest / interest free debt from social impact funds at technology companies
• Low interest / interest free debt and/or grants from housing funds
• Donations from high net wealth individuals, foundations, and family charities


• 100 Total units
• 20 at 50-80% AMI
• 50 at 90-130% AMI
• 30 at market rate
• Time parameters:
• Planning submission October 2021
• Planning commission approval June 2022
• DBI approval June 2024
• Estimated construction begins February 2025
• Leasing begins August 2025
• Building occupied December 2026